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Contact Lens Exams and Fittings

Contact lenses are available for almost every kind of prescription. If you’ve been told that you can’t wear contact lenses, please ask again. The latest lenses are thin and moist with many new prescriptions available. At Specs Plex, we are not limited to one or two contact lens contracts—we can order contact lenses from any contact lens company in the world. This means that our doctors can recommend a lens that would be the perfect match for your prescription. With hundreds of lenses available, our doctors will find a lens for you that will be clear, comfortable, and healthy for your vision.

Every Patient is a Custom Fit!


At Specs Plex, we specialize in all forms of contact lenses for all types of contact lens wearers: COLORS, toric, bifocal, mono-vision, rigid gas-permeable, and more. Whether you may have previously had problems with dryness, comfort, or vision -- or no problems at all or have an interest in trying a new type of contact lens or being fitted with a contact lens for a special occasion, we can help. Attention is paid to "custom" fit every patient with contact lenses best-suited to meet his or her needs.  

Contact Lenses


  • FreshLook™ Colors 

  • FreshLook Colorblends™

  • Acuvue™ & Acuvue2™

  • Acuvue Advance™

  • Acuvue Oasis™

  • Acuvue Astigmatism

  • X-treme H2O™

  • O2 Optix™

  • Focus Night & Day™

  • PureVision™

  • Proclear™ 

  • Proclear Multi-focal™

  • Proclear Toric™ 

  • And More...



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